Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and environmental expert opinions for projects and plans.

Soil Contamination

Consulting and supervision on projects that focus on soil and groundwater contamination.

Urban Planning and Zoning

Examination and analysis of land designation and zoning at the national, regional, and local levels, for the purpose of identifying possible points of friction with the environment.

Air Quality

Environmental forecasting focusing on meteorology and the emission of pollutants and odors into the air.

Seismic Hazards

Israeli Standard IS 413 ‘ Earthquake Resistance of Structures’, calls for the engineering plan of every building to be adapted to the seismic hazard level at the site.

Public Health

Addressing the public health aspect in projects, plans, or policy owing to potential pollution and its health implications on the population.

Geology & Hydrogeology

Geological and hydrogeological surveys for expert opinions, environmental surveys, and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Waste Disposal

Investigation, characterization and rehabilitation of waste disposal sites using various tools such as geophysics, drilling, monitoring of biogas and leachates etc.

Ecology & Natural Landmarks

Examination of ecological aspects, natural landmarks, and open areas within the boundaries of a plan and its surrounding areas

Noise & Vibrations

Acoustics and vibrations can be a restrictive factor when planning areas for housing or employment.

Geographic Information Systems

The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an inseparable part of our projects.