AdaMa Environnement & Geological Sciences

Founded in 2002, Adama Environmental & Geological Sciences offers consulting
and project management services across the range of the environmental and
geological disciplines.
Adama Environmental & Geological Sciences combines a strict disciplinary
approach with profound understanding of Israeli planning systems and related
policies and procedures.
Uncompromising commitment to the environment and to professional ethics and
integrity in the service of our clients' best interests are the hallmarks that guide and
inspire our activities.
Adama Environmental & Geological Sciences addresses environmental aspects
in an extensive range of projects, including conventional energy, renewable energy,
waste disposal, urban planning, transportation, marine and coastal projects, industry,
soil contamination, air quality and more.
We handle both complex projects; which require management of diverse
environmental aspects and production of reports analyzing potential environmental
impacts; and manage projects intended to examine existing conditions where
investigative and rehabilitative activities are initiated to ensure environmental
compliance with applicable environmental standards.
Our team consists of academically trained professionals possessing extensive
experience in a diversified range of environmental disciplines, such as environmental
planning and engineering, geology, hydrogeology, air quality and ecology.
Additionally, we regularly employ external consultants who specialize in acoustics,
landscape and more.
Our diverse professional knowledge base enables us to provide our clients a
comprehensive solution that incorporates the different environmental aspects of each
project – and to do it all under one roof.

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